Weapon Bazooka.png
One of the main weapon of the game, the bazooka is sensitive to the wind, its power is medium, quite strait forward to use. With a little practice you can make great shots!


Weapon Mortar.png
Fire three ammo in the air, it has a maximum angle, its power is low but thanks to the three ammo the exposed zone is quite important.


Weapon Grenade.png
One of the main weapon of the game, grenades are bouncy, but if you aim down, you can put it on the ground and it will stay here. Its power is medium, and you can choose the timer by selecting which version you want (3, 4 or 5 seconds).

Sticky Grenade

Weapon Sticky.png
Basically the same weapon as grenade but with some glue on it, it will stick onto the first thing it hit.

Heavy Bomb

Weapon Bomb.png
The heavy bomb is heavy, it's hard to throw, won't go far. Its power and damage are high, run away if you're nearby.


Weapon Shotgun.png
One of the main weapon of the game, aim and shot, basic. Its power is low and damages get lower if the enemy is far. Good to finish someone or make it fall from a cliff.


Weapon Sniper.png
Sniper has an aiming laser, very handy to hit your target. Power is low, but you're pretty sure to make it.


Weapon Beam.png
Beams are use full to protect yourself or reach new destinations. Be careful about the angle as you may not walk if it's too steep.

Skip Turn

Weapon Skip.png
Skip your turn, will show a confirmation popup.



Weapon Shield.png
(Rook only) Invoke a magic shield that will protect anyone inside, even your enemy. When inside nobody can fire. This shield will last until hit, or when the rook take its turn again. Note: you won't have a retreat when using it.


Weapon Meteor.png
(Bishop only) Invoke a meteor coming from the sky, the meteor will fall more or less where the bishop is. Its power and damage are high.

Jump Boots

Weapon Boots.png
(Knight only) Equip the Knight with special jump boots. Those when activated allows the Knight to make a very high jump (only one) or while worn, allows you to go down without falling.


Weapon Dash.png
(Queen only) Dash allows the Queen to go through anything in a ball of fire, hitting quite hard any enemy in her way. Note 1: Dashing cost 25hp points.
Note 2: Dashing go through the shield and stop it.

Upcoming weapons

  • Fireworks
  • Rabbit
  • Rope
  • Snake
  • Teleport

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