Artillery Royale is a two players turn by turn artillery game with fun physics, random maps, crazy weapons and funny spells!

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Blow up your friends with crazy weapons and spells that shape the map and have fun with the 2D physics based party game Artillery Royale!

Artillery Royale is reinventing turn based artillery genre with fresh new game mode like Capture the King or Magic Ball.

You control a team of warriors, with specifics weapons, in combat against the opposing team.

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Artillery differentiate from other Artillery game by offering to play different characters in the same game. Each character is visually different and has different abilities (and special weapons see Weapons).

The game offers a "classic" Battle mode, but also a new mode called Capture the King (see details below).


In this mode, two players start on a randomly generated map, with a defined number of characters.

Your goal is to eliminate all the opponent player’s characters. Either by killing them or by expelling them from the map.

There are 5 characters per player: the Queen, the Bishop, the Rook, the Knight and the King (see Characters for details).

Each of these characters is controlled in turn, you cannot choose which character you want to control, the order is predefined.

Capture the King

In this mode, the rules are similar. But the characters of player one will be on the top and player two on the bottom.

The goal is for player two, the challenger, to go “capture” the king of player one (kill him with one of their characters).


You can also play solo and try to progress through each mission, they are tailored so you need to master the skill of each character.




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About this wiki: Tips and tricks about Artillery Royale game with fun physics, random maps and crazy weapons! 🧨 💥 😂

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